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MassHire Boston Workforce Board Meeting
Boston Private Industry Council
Thursday, June 24, 2021
8:30 – 10:00 AM


Meeting Link (Zoom): https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83879927354
By phone: 929-0205-6099, meeting # 889 0998 0661.



I. Welcome and Introductions (10 minutes)

• Approval of May 3 minutes (Ken Montgomery)
• Finance report (Darren Donovan)


II. Career center charter timetable (Harneen Chernow)

Vote: To extend the terms of the career center charters awarded to JVS and to Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries on May 3 from one year to two years in order to allow the time necessary to develop a new request for proposals for release in the fall of 2022.


III. FY 2022 WIOA, Wagner-Peyser, and state career center distribution (Harneen Chernow & Angela McCabe)
Vote(s): To approve the distribution of FY 2022 funding as detailed below.

A. Fiscal agent and board activities

To set aside 19.5% of the total WIOA FY 2022 allocation for fiscal agent and board activities ($607,126), while maintaining a 70/30 split between the two organizations (OWD and PIC)

B. Equalizing low-income adult and dislocated worker program funding

To transfer $78,560 from the adult to dislocated worker categories to achieve a 50/50 split.

C. Dividing adult program funding between training (ITAs) and career center services

To establish a split of the low income and dislocated worker funding with 50% allocated for career center services ($980,050) and 50% for ITAs ($980,050)

D. Wagner-Peyser and state line item set-asides funding

To allocate $200,000 from our Wagner-Peyser funds to level fund the two existing Access Points at $100,000 each and to allocate $50,000 from the state career center item for the development of a new Access Point partnership with MassHire Boston

E. Dividing WIOA funding between the two career centers

To approve a 53/47 split between MassHire Downtown Boston Career Center and MassHire Boston Career Center for all core funding (see Table 5, FY 2022 revenue distribution memo)


IV. WIOA Youth: FY22 re-funding and FY23 Strategic Planning (Michael O’Neill)

Vote: To fund current WIOA Youth providers for FY 2022 with a 30.6% increase over FY 2021 levels, with the exception of EDCO/Brighton to be funded at its reduced funding request – with guidance that the increase in funding be focused on student stipends to support increased retention and completion.


V. Sector updates


VI. 2021 Summer Jobs Preview